7 Days to a Stronger Marriage

Your marriage could be significantly stronger one week from now.

7 Days to a Stronger Marriage (Husbands Edition & Wives Edition) outlines a proven plan that could revolutionize the communication, sexual intimacy, trust, connection, commitment and overall happiness in your marriage. Dave and Ashley Willis (Founders of StrongerMarriages.com) have drawn from timeless Biblical principles, cutting-edge relationship research and their own experiences working with couples from all over the world to create a weeklong interactive experience for married couples unlike any other resource you’ve seen.

Take the 7 Day Marriage Challenge

Completing the 7 Day Marriage Challenge outlined in both editions of this book will:


  • Bring you and your spouse to a deeper level of understanding, respect, and appreciation for one another.
  • Equip you with tools to bring real and lasting improvements to all aspects of your marriage.
  • Spark more spontaneity, fun and laughter in your relationship.
  • Cultivate a spiritual renewal in your marriage bringing you both into a closer relationship with God as you grow in a closer relationship with your spouse.
  • Create lasting memories and healthy new habits that will endure long after the seven days have ended.
  • Renew your passion, your friendship and your commitment for each other.

What People Are Saying

“I’ve called Dave and Ashley Willis the ‘Marriage Whisperers’ and for good reason — their practical, helpful tips make successful marriage less mysterious and more accessible to all, no matter where your marriage is on the happy scale.”

Nancy French, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Dave and Ashley Willis have been a wealth of information and inspiration for building strong marriages and families. Not only have they shared their influence with the world, but they are a living example of what a healthy marriage should look like. Their stories and lessons have helped my family immensely!”

Nate Barbour, Executive Pastor,
Good News Church

“Dave and Ashley are the REAL DEAL! They are outstanding guides for helping anyone to get back to the basics of what makes a relationship work.

Claire W. from Augusta, GA. Military spouse. Three kids.

“Even though Catherine and I didn’t come to our relationship in a very traditional way, I want to make sure I spend a lifetime with the woman I love. We’re still newlyweds, but I know that marriage won’t always be easy — that’s where Dave and Ashley Willis come in. With practical and Biblical advice, they shed light on the ways that marriage can work well…and ways we can accidentally mess it up. It’s a complicated world out there, and they provide a plan to navigate it well…and for a lifetime!”

Sean Lowe, Star of ABC’s “The Bachelor” and Bestselling Author

Meet Dave and Ashley

Dave and Ashley Willis reach millions around the world through their books, blogs and videos on issues relate to marriage, faith, and family. They have four young sons and live near Augusta, GA where Dave serves as a pastor. For additional resources, please visit StrongerMarriages.com.

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